3 Ways to Capitalize on Facebook Holiday Engagement

This holiday season, consumers engaged in more than than 28 million mentions online, 8% more than last year. With engagement at an all-time high, many brands are left to wonder how that translates to sales in the new year. Here are three ways to make sure it does.

Know your audience

  • Engagement is great, but what does it mean? To answer that, take a step beyond understanding the what (likes, comments, shares, etc.), and instead analyze who is engaging (demographic, geographic, etc.) and why.

Retarget engaged fans

  • Once you know who your audience is, you can begin to retarget them based on their actions. Set a goal (newsletter signups, site traffic, etc.) build content around it, and find the audience that will best receive it based on the actions they’ve already taken. As an example, if your brand is looking to drive purchase from social channels by offering a special or discount, try promoting that offer to two separate groups. Group A should be only those that have clicked through to purchase in the past. Group B should be those that have no history of engagement with your brand. Compare the results. You’ll find that the success rate with Group A is far more likely to give your brand the return it’s looking for.

Get a 360 degree customer view

  • In a recent study of current Crowdly customers, we found that 78% of their email database members are active on Facebook. Of those 78%, a mere 5% of current email club members actually liked the brands page on Facebook.
  • That disparity represents a sizeable opportunity to grow your brand’s email database with authentic fans already engaged on social media, thereby increasing brand touchpoints across channels. The same is also true of growing your brand’s social communities. By increasing likes and followers with those already subscribed to your brand through email, you’ll be able to add customers already tuned in to your brand message. This will organically grow engagement and reach across social channels by leveraging the customers you already have.

Don’t let that incredible holiday engagement go to waste! Find out who your most engaged fans are, and build your relationship with them. With the right plan in place, that increase in holiday action in your brand communities can lead to increased loyalty for your brand throughout 2015.

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