Super Bowl XLIX – By the Numbers [Infographic]

Brands are shifting their marketing budgets from TV advertising to online video due to its targetability, trackability, and tailorability. We wondered how this trend in spend would affect this year’s Super Bowl advertising. We found that while many advertisers have backed out or taken the rogue approach (see Newcastle’s Big Game Ad), some brands are still willing to pay.

What we learned:

  • Get fans involved: With crowdsourced promotions seeing up to a 24% increase in brand awareness (nearly 10% higher than a regular ad), getting fans invested early is the key to maximizing on a Super Bowl investment.
  • New is necessary: Only 10% of last year’s automotive advertisers returned this year for another round. Justin Hyde, managing editor of Yahoo Autos cited a lack of new products as the major deterrent, and many believe this to be true for technology and wireless companies as well. Turns out, brand awareness isn’t enough of a reason for some companies to open their wallets on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • It’s not either/or, it’s both: Advertisers are not just buying a TV component in this year’s Super Bowl, but also advertising on NBC’s digital platforms. With the game streaming online this year, the key to a great Super Bowl ad is as much about what happens before and after the game, as it is the impact of the ad when it airs.

Here’s a look at Super Bowl XLIX, by the numbers:



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