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Voting is open for 2016’s South By Southwest Interactive panels, and we need your help. Crowdly is up for various slots discussing influencers, word of mouth, and the impact of online advocacy in driving acquisition. See some of our most exciting topics below. Click on the titles to vote, and please help us spread the word!

Influencers: The Shift From Reach to Authenticity

Word of mouth and advocacy are no longer the next big thing, they are the single most important way to grow affinity for a brand in today’s competitive landscape. While most brands genuinely care about advocacy, the paths they’re taking to grow it are often difficult to scale, and littered with misleading data and offer hollow results. Advocacy only works when it’s real people that say things they really mean, to people they really know. Here’s a look at how to grow it, keep it, and truly identify the authentically influential members of a brand community.

Driving In-Store Sales Through Online Advocacy

Learn how luxury brand Swarovski drove digital crossover to in-store sales using their most influential and authentic advocates already spreading word of mouth about the brand. Hear Terri Sandblom of Swarovski and Dan Sullivan of Crowdly highlight how Swarovski leveraged advocate marketing technology to drive digital crossover to a country-wide in-store event and blew their past numbers out of the park — with a 500% increase in registrations, grossing over 1MM of sales in only 2 days, all with the help of their most influential organic advocates.

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