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Better, Faster, Cheaper, using our all-in-one managed services or our self-serve platform

Crowdly is a market research platform built for consumer brands to provide real-time insights from their own real customers. We’re better, faster, and cheaper than traditional research agencies because of our unique approach.

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Your Real Customers, not Panelists

Traditional research agencies rent you access to their panelists, a very specific persona who signs up to take surveys from dozens of companies per month, usually to earn sweepstakes entries. This produces significant bias and false signals. Crowdly never uses panels. We recruit and engage your own real customers in a completely whitelabeled experience, exclusive to your brand so you can make better decisions with better data.

Advanced Segmentation customized exactly to you

No longer constrained to one-size-fits-all panelists, we’ll generate the declared data to create the exact segments that matter to you, including key personas, product owners, and target buyers.

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We have ready to launch studies and templates any user can start with right away, as well as the advanced tools and complete customization to delight power users. Powered by your own customers, you’ll start getting insights in minutes, not weeks.

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Whether you’re looking for end-to-end managed services, self-service, or something in between, Crowdly outperforms in both quality and cost from day 1. Each study also increases your ROI by building you a fully owned asset of customer participants and declared data in a research community that you can leverage time and again.

Case Study

A leading CPG Brand was curious how current customers would respond to a new product line of cheese-based snacks. Drawing from their established Insiders base of thousands, they used the platform to instantly filter down to ideal target buyer personas. They triggered a qualification survey to vet interest, and within the same day had a fully vetted group of ready participants.

Crowdly fulfilled product and custom tasting cards, and smart automation enabled follow-ups to ensure full timely participation, including digital submission of tasting cards and a custom survey. Lastly, 6 participants were selected to participate in an online video focus group.

Some of Our Research Offerings
  • Creative Tests
  • Concept Tests
  • In-Home testing
  • Persona Research
  • Product Development
  • Purchase Consideration
  • Digital Focus Groups
  • Competitive Landscape
  • NPS and Brand Health
  • And More

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