Customer-Generated Content and Social Sharing

Inspire powerful customer-generated content at scale, using our all-in-one managed services or our self-serve platform

Activate your real customers to create and share authentic content that helps grow your brand through peer-to-peer recommendations at scale. Increase organic conversation around your brand that spreads on social media, and simultaneously build a library of customer-generated content in the platform that you can repurpose across channels.

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Inspire your customers to create and share valuable content about your brand and product

Engage your brand fans in our digital Missions that motivate them to create and share their stories into the wild, organically driving your marketing initiatives.

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Easily source testimonials from the right voices

Using Crowdly’s robust segmentation engine, you can surface testimonials from the right customers at the right time. Feature the best ones on your product pages, website, social media, and more to establish credibility and drive sales.

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Build a library of customer-generated content that you can repurpose

Own a library of authentic content that you have full permission to repurpose across channels. Personalize your brand by featuring your fans in your marketing materials.

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Automatically build segments of the right people based on their responses

Map answers from Missions to automatically build segments of users, and easily target personalized Missions to the right segments over time. Using our marketing automation, create set-and-forget sequences that drive evergreen engagement in your initiatives.

Case Study

A leading CPG brand in the pet category wanted a new way to connect with their brand fans and drive organic sharing of customer-generated content. Powered by Crowdly's all-in-one customer engagement platform, the brand built a base of tens of thousands of active Insiders.

Via the Crowdly platform, the brand engages their Insiders to create and share authentic text and photo UGC, and share those moments with their network – spreading word-of-mouth. At the same time, the brand is building a library of pet content that they can repurpose across channels.

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