Sampling and Review Programs

Drive high-quality reviews to support your product launches and boost sales, using our all-in-one managed services or our self-serve platform

Engage target customers to sample new products and generate informed, high-quality and positive reviews. Our highly differentiated offering generates reviews without paying or incentivizing, resulting in reviews with unparalleled credibility. Increase consumer trust in your product, searchability, and star rating for new-to-market products.

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Recruit your best fit customers to sample your products

Actively recruit from scratch a base of your best customers to participate in a review program. Use our segmentation capabilities to best identify the strongest candidates for your program.

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Automatically follow up with participants to maximize reviews

Using our marketing automation, create set-it-and-forget sequences to follow up with the participants asking for their feedback, and to drive reviews on key retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

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Track program status with our live dashboard

Monitor the reviews as they come in using our live dashboard and program stats to keep a pulse on the success of your review campaign.

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Survey participants for rapid insights on their experience with your new product

Get in front of your participants with custom surveys to understand their experience and feedback, and use the results to help inform product development.

Case Study

A leading CPG brand in the pet category needed a way to support new product launches with an initial batch of high-quality and informed reviews from their passionate consumers. Recruiting from their own Insiders base of tens of thousands, they’re able to match criteria and select the right qualified participants to include in each program.

Using Crowdly’s segmentation and marketing automation, the FosterTrack™, they’re able to select, engage, and follow up with the participants to leave their reviews. Since Crowdly’s programs are not incentivized or paid, the brand can drive fully compliant reviews on key retailers like Amazon and Chewy. They can also follow up with custom post-sampling surveys to understand the consumers’ experience with the new product and get rapid insights from their first users.

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