Crowdly + Hendricks

Building a Brand Advocacy Program that Lasts

The Challenge

Hendrick’s Gin targets creative, free-thinking drinkers with its whimsical design and commitment to the individual customers. In setting out to build on its already successful Society of the Unusual, the brand wanted to find out as much as possible about the characteristics of its current database, so it could continue to inspire those advocates to spread the word about their gin.

  • Client:William Grant & Sons
  • Industry:Beverage
  • Type:Advocacy

The Solution

Using Crowdly, Hendrick’s was able to power its Society of the Unusual by better understanding what attracts its advocates to the brand, and better grasp what sets the culture of its gin apart from its competitors to help drive word of mouth.

The Approach

“So much of the success of our spirits has been due to the word-of-mouth we’ve earned from advocates who love our brands. Bringing that online, and connecting with our most engaged fans and influencers is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity. Crowdly is helping us identify and connect with those true advocates as individuals and cultivate real, long-term relationships to provide them a more meaningful experience, while improving brand loyalty and encouraging increased word-of-mouth influence.” – Jayme Brown, William Grant & Sons

Leveraging our expertise and our multi-talented platform, we were able to provide both deep insights as they designed their advocacy program, and much higher quality results for their paid campaigns.

Advocacy Audit

Hendrick’s enlisted Crowdly to provide a deep Advocacy Audit to better understand the unique traits its advocates possess, and find out what interests and commonalities they share. The brand was provided with insights on everything from what segments were most apt to engage in advocacy to what the advocacy landscape looked like for competing brands, allowing Hendrick’s to develop a full profile of its most passionate brand advocates.

Reaching the Best Audience

Using Clinks, Hendrick’s was able to greatly improve the effectiveness of its sponsored content on Facebook by including only the individuals who have previously shown interest in Hendrick’s Gin content anywhere on the web. This distinction allowed the brand to get its peculiar and distinct brand messaging to only the free-thinking drinkers that will appreciate it the most, increasing conversions and ensuring their paid efforts were dollars well spent.

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